BEELoyal Reward Programme

Dear Queen Bees, 

Here are some FAQs on our BEELoyal Reward Programme that we have compiled. We hope this will help (-:

1. What is the BEELoyal Reward Programme?

It is a programme to reward you with points as our appreciation for your love & support. Thank YOU!

2. How do I earn BEELoyal Points?

There are many ways to earn your points, as shown in illustration below. You also earn 200 points when you review a product at our shop.


Halal beauty halal nail polish reward points

3. What do I get for my BEELoyal points?

You get to exchange it with discount coupons to use for your purchase at This is the points exchange / redemption guide:

Halal beauty halal nail polish rewards redemption

5. How do I check for my BEELoyal Points balance?

You can log in to your account, then scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see your balance there.

6. How do I redeem/spend my BEELoyal Points?

Please follow the same steps as checking your balance above, then click on your balance points. It will take you to the redemption page. Click on "spend my points" and you will get a unique coupon code. Use this code when you check out during your next purchase to get your BEELoyal discount.

7. Does the code expire?

The code is valid up to 3 months after redemption, and for 1 time use only.

8. Do my points expire?

Currently the points are valid forever, but it is subject to management's decision. If there are changes, rest assured we will give an advance notice to you.

9. I would like to refer my friends & earn points, how do I do that?

Please follow the same steps as checking your balance (please refer to question no.5 above), click on your points balance. It will lead you to a page with Spend Your Points option, and Earn More Points. Click on Earn More Points. Then click on the box with the caption "refer a friend". It will take you to this page: 

Halal beauty halal nail polish reward chart

After that, click on any icons above to start sharing your referral link. If you click email icon, it will automatically generate an email for you to start sending to your friends:

Halal beauty halal nail polish referral

This referral link is UNIQUE TO YOU. Anytime a friend clicks and make an order, our system will trace it back to you. You will be notified via email, with your updated points. 


We hope we have covered most of the frequently asked questions on BEELoyal Rewards Programme. If there are anything we missed, please feel free to contact us on our FB, IG, email or Whatsapp. 

Hope this helps!