The VQB Story

VivaQueenBee (VQB) is founded because of our passion in personal care items that has brought us all over the world in search of quality products.

Birds of a feather flock together, they say, so we share a number of things in common, including shopping, traveling and taking care of our health and beauty. We always swap stories when we get back from our travels, and being health and beauty shopahaholic-junkies, we realize one recurring problem we had every time we travel - we weren't sure whether some of the brands that we buy abroad are Muslim compliant. Things become even more complicated when we found out that some brands that we use back home use a different formula in other areas of the world.

So we started being more diligent when we purchase our personal care items, and realized that there are actually a lot of brands in the market that are Muslim friendly - brands that use Halal ingredients or are vegetarian. While some brands do not declare this on their labels, there are plenty that have taken the step to declare these for their brand as they recognize the needs of the groups looking for this products.

We ended up spending a long time at stores just reading the ingredient labels to determine which products are safe for our use, and that was when one of us had a eureka moment and thought, "Hey, wouldn't it be great if we can just collect all these brands that are Muslim friendly under one roof?! It will save a us a lot of time and give us the peace of mind when using the products, knowing everything in the shop is good for us!".

"Good for us", that is also one of the definition of products that we should use - one that is not only free from non halal sources, but also will not cause us harm. That was a big decision we made when coming up with the store concept, that we will not only have products that use Halal ingredients, but also one that is also free from chemicals that can cause harm to the health.

"Good for us" also means doing good for the environment and our community. This is something we strive to do with the help of our dear customers.

We hope that VQB can help to create awareness of using good stuff on ourselves and for our families, one that is Muslim compliant in every sense. In syaa Allah, this is the journey we choose and we hope that by taking guess works out of the equation, it will help our friends, loved ones and customers to
shop with peace of mind.
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